East Anglian Pig Co.  

Animal Equality has carried out an undercover investigation into East Anglian Pig Company (EAP), which is the third largest pork producer of the UK. EAP is a member of 'Freedom Food' and is audited and monitored by Assured Food Standards.

Over 120 hours of footage and recorded conversations, as well as 278 photos, provide a truly shocking insight into the so called high standards of the British pig industry.

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Harling Farm  

Animal Equality has carried out a ground-breaking two-month undercover investigation on a ‘Quality Assured’ (Red Tractor) farm in Norfolk - Harling Farm, belonging to A. J. Edwards & Son. Harling Farm is typical of a farm in Britain.

Over 200 hours of footage and recorded conversations, and more than 300 photos provide a shocking insight into the British pig industry and demonstrate that regardless of whether a farm is labelled as ‘Quality Assured’ there exists pain, suffering and exploitation on a huge scale.

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Why do we carry out undercover investigations?

Each time Animal Equality carries out an undercover investigation into a farm or slaughterhouse, we bring to light shocking images that reveal the institutionalised suffering humans inflict on other animals.

This work to expose the animal industries is essential to show the consuming public how farmed animals are bred and killed. We can show that, regardless of whether a farm is labelled as ‘high welfare' or 'Quality Assured' there exists pain, suffering and exploitation on a huge scale.

Animal Equality rejects all animal use, and works to show society that a real, meaningful difference is within our hands. Each of us can make influencing decisions, decisions that can literally save lives.

Investigated Farms

Media Centre

The violence and suffering that occur on a daily basis inside animal industries are concealed behind happy labels and advertisements to gain the trust of the public.

The Animal Equality Investigation Department assists journalists by providing high-quality material that will inform the public about animal exploitation.

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People believe that animals should not be harmed unnecessarily, but the consumption of animal products forces animals into a life of misery and an untimely death on farms, in laboratories and in slaughterhouses.

By becoming vegan and not taking part in their exploitation, we can prevent thousands of animals from being harmed and killed on our behalf.

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